You want to know a lil more about me huh? Well for starters I live in Troy Illinois, my wife’s name is Brooke and we are dog parents to a dachshund/blue heeler mix… #wienernation! My newest obsession in life is smoking meat, or grilling pretty much anything for that matter. I enjoy binge watching shows with my wife and traveling as much as possible. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, cause lets face it…if you’re gonna do it, do it right. My wife and I produce wedding videos over at Brooke Elizabeth Video. But thats probably not what you’re wanting to know so let’s move on.

I became intrigued with photography before I ever owned my first camera. The way we can freeze a moment in time and be able to not only relive it but take in all the detail and emotion just amazes me. So when I was given my first camera I was hooked! I took pictures of everything I could. I began reading and learning how cameras work and how to take better pictures. This is all important because it was on that foundation I grew my knowledge of how videography works. Once I started babbling in video I was hooked all over again.

That was 9 years ago. Now, I have the privilege of capturing moments for others and telling their visual stories. From weddings, to business videos, I’ve had the chance to film quite a few moments and have learned a lot along the way. Thats not to say “I’ve made it” because I will always strive be better. So if you’re looking for someone to capture your moments, checkout my style and see if it’s something you like. If so, let’s create something!

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